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September 12-14, 2023
Edmonton Convention Centre
Alberta, Canada


Yurley Karina Anaya Jaimes

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Yurley Karina Anaya Jaimes

Ph.D. Student
University of Alberta

Karina Anaya is a Ph.D. student in the Engineering Management program at the University of Alberta. She holds a bachelor's in chemical engineering, and an MSc. in petroleum engineering in Colombia and Brazil, respectively. Her MSc. research was developed in an experimental project financed by Repsol Sinopec Brazil, studying the production of waxy crude oil at offshore conditions. Part of this work was published in the conference paper: Flow assurance of waxy crude oils: Physicochemical characterization and critical temperatures, in the Rio Oil & Gas Conference 2016. This publication was awarded an honorable mention prize in May of 2017. Currently, she is working on the decarbonization of the industrial sector, integrating CO2 capture, storage, and utilization within the supply change of the energy industry. She was part of the team led by Dr. Amit Kumar to assess hydrogen opportunities in Alberta's Economy. This research was the foundation for Alberta's Hydrogen Roadmap released by the Government of Alberta on November 5, 2021. Her work within this research was related to hydrogen production via steam methane reforming, autothermal reforming, and chemical looping combustion. She evaluated the hydrogen production pathways' techno-economics and GHG emissions performances with and without carbon capture and sequestration. Currently, she works on the CO2 utilization pathways as an alternative to sequestration and/or storage after CO2 capture.

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