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September 12-14, 2023
Edmonton Convention Centre
Alberta, Canada

Conference Speakers

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Adlai Majer

Director, New Energy
Whitecap Resources Inc.

Adlai Majer is a professional engineer with 26 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, ranging from drilling, oilfield services, facilities, production, conventional exploitation, and enhanced oil recovery.


Adlai has unique CO2 EOR flood experience, having led Weyburn Unit development since 2014 where he managed a team of Geologists, Geophysicists and Engineers responsible for Long term strategy, Budget, Reserves, Geo-Modeling, Reservoir Engineering, Simulation, Flood Surveillance, Optimization and MMV.  In 2021, Adlai became the Director of New Energy at Whitecap, tasked with expanding Whitecap’s carbon storage and utilization business, as well as pursuing other low carbon energy opportunities.