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September 12-14, 2023
Edmonton Convention Centre
Alberta, Canada


Visas & International Travel

Official Invitation Letter and Visa to enter Canada for international attendees:

Travelling to Canada involves advanced planning. Please determine ahead of time whether you will require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or VISA to enter Canada to ensure you meet all requirements and deadlines.

The official invitation letter can be generated through the Carbon Capture Canada registration process.

Please note: It is the sole responsibility of the attendee to obtain the necessary paperwork for entry to Canada. The invitation letter does not guarantee that you will be granted a visa, nor does it commit Carbon Capture Canada or dmg events to assist you in obtaining a visa. Carbon Capture Canada nor dmg events will not pay any expenses incurred by you. We cannot send the letter to the embassy or consulate for you, nor can dmg events contact the embassy or consulate on your behalf.

Review visa wait times and then visit your local Canadian embassy or consular office website where you will apply for your visa.


Note: You may need an eTa if you are an international visitor

Beware of email scams

DMG Events has been informed from several exhibitors are receiving scam emails . Please be aware these offers are fraudulent. These scammers do not have any relationship with DMG Events.In accordance with GDPR, CASL and other jurisdictional data privacy regulations, DMG Events will never sell your data to any third party organisations. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information regarding how DMG Events will process and store your information.